I am a bit of daydreamer. I can quite easily become distracted by all the thoughts and ideas whizzing about in my brain. I used to get told off in school for staring out the window, quite literally, at the times when the teacher seemed to be speaking endlessly about a topic that did not interest me in the slightest.

A short attention span could be put down to my dyslexia, but I like to think it is because there are so many things I want to do, make, draw and invent. My passion for what I do is the thing that drives me to finish all of my creations. Even though dyslexia effects my numeracy and literacy I have always been encouraged to write even if you can’t spell a word properly.

I adored books and reading, and I would pretend read aloud to myself thinking up a story of my own following the pictures. Eventually, the encouragement spurred me on to write and illustrate many books throughout my childhood, which is what birthed my passion to study Illustration as a degree. Through my drawn lines I am describing what I can not put into words.

However… I would like to announce that I have written a story! one that I am pretty pleased with too.

RD front cover

Despite my love for the traditional book lay out my story will be presented in comic format. The decision for this came about when I went to Comix Creatrix: 100 women making comics, a fantastic exhibition at the House of Illustration in London.


Inspiration flew at me from all angles after reading the HERstories and viewing a vast array of styles. After postcards, zines and gifts were purchased at the shop I knew my story would be in the format of a graphic novel. After postcards, zines and gifts were purchased at the shop I knew my story would be in the format of a graphic novel.


I have joined a writers group, the Rewrite Bureau, which encourages me to write regularly. The group is filled with people with varied interests but we are all in the same position – in search for inspiration and motivation with our writing projects. The first draft of my story has been passed around friends and the other members of the writers group to gain valuable feedback and assistance with editing.

My story has been written simply, sentence by sentence, sometimes split into sections so that I can add ‘directions’ for myself. These prompts help me to plan out the images, a stage in the process I am very much enjoying. It is helping me to properly visualise exactly how the story will flow.

The story is based on the first example rag doll I created for an exciting project I have been involved in recently.


The project is a rag doll trail as part of Lichfield Festival, happening from July 1st to July 10th. More about my work on this project will be explained in the next blog but for now, if you can, go check the festival out!

The rag doll concept for my story presented itself so vividly in my mind. I saw the whole thing mapped out before any words were formed.

Ever since the end of my studies on the Illustration degree I have wanted to have a book published, I am determined to make this happen with this story – A Rag Doll Fairytale.

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